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Vision and Aims

Our Vision

Explore, Learn and Flourish

Together we take our first steps to be the best we can


To work in partnership with parents to help children to achieve the best they can through:

  • Ensuring that everyone is made to feel safe, welcome, valued and respected
  • Providing high quality care and learning in supportive and stimulating environments
  • Supporting and embracing each individual’s unique qualities and needs
  • Sharing children’s progress and achievements with parents and carers and to support them to help their child to learn at home
  • Valuing and respecting parents and carers as their child’s first educator
  • Working in partnership with others to support the needs of our families
  • Reflecting on our practice and responding accordingly so that we meet the needs of the children and their families

Values and Beliefs

We believe that:

  • Everyone should be made to feel welcome, valued and respected
  • We all have the right to achieve our full potential.
  • Children learn most effectively through first-hand experiences, play and talk
  • Everyone learns best when they are happy, secure and have a high sense of wellbeing
  • Children achieve when we know them well and respond to their developmental needs and interests
  • Children and families need to feel safe and secure within our school
  • Children thrive when parents/carers, staff and children share their learning
  • We should support parents to be the best parents they can
  • It is important to use feedback in order to evaluate our work and to plan future provision
  • Seeking the views of all those involved in the school is important and helps us plan future developments
  • Equality should be promoted, diversity celebrated and discrimination addressed
  • Everyone has a valuable role in shaping the future of Arlesdene