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Nurture Group

What is Nurture group?

A nurture group is run weekly with a small number of children and two experienced members of staff. This is a special time for children and a fantastic opportunity to boost their confidence and develop their social skills.

Nurture group will support:

  • Children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Children’s wellbeing
  • Children’s social skill’s: sharing, turn taking and being with others
  • Resilience skills, bouncing back after difficulties
  • Overcoming anxieties, withdrawal and shyness
  • Tranquillity and mindfulness
  • Therapeutic play

Why has my child been chosen for Nurture group?

This is a great opportunity for your child to participate in a small group learning environment. Your child will benefit from these sessions as it will support their Personal, Social and Emotional development and give them the skills needed to take them on to Primary school.

What will happen in Nurture group?

Your child will work with two members of staff to develop their Personal, Social and Emotional development along with other areas of learning. Children will be assessed using The Boxall Profile, which will provide them with specific targets. They will have the opportunity to explore and learn from different resources and the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings within the safety of the group.

What will Nurture group look like?

Currently Nurture group only runs twice a week in Acorn room. It will follow a familiar and consistent routine which children will quickly learn. Nurture group will be run by the same two adults each week. Lesley Carter and Katy Granville are both trained in Nurture and also have extensive speech and language training.

Nurture group will follow the same routine each week and this is what a typical session will look like.

  1. Welcome – The children will register themselves then join for a circle to greet each other. Each child will choose a bunny which will remain with them throughout the session.
  2. Talking time – Continues on from welcome time. This is a special time for talking about how they are feeling.
  1. Snack – Is an important time in Nurture group. The children will help lay the table and are all given a responsibility. This is a great opportunity to promote children’s speech and language.
  1. Special learning time – Is an ideal time to work on their individual targets. This could be interacting and playing with others, sharing and turn taking or building self-esteem.
  1. GoodbyePersonal goodbyes are given to each child and they return their bunnies to the basket. The children then return to their key group.

How will I know how my child is getting on in Nurture group?

Both Lesley and Katy will work very closely with you as parents and your child’s key person. They will inform you of your child’s progress and once the children are settled they will meet with you and share how they are getting on. When the children are established in a routine they will ask you to come in and join them for special times.

If you have any specific questions you are welcome to call the nursery and arrange to speak to the Nurture staff or arrange to come and speak to them in person.