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Curriculum Intent

At Arlesdene we know that children learn best through creative play when they have high levels of involvement and their emotional well-being is supported. All adults are committed to working with parents and acknowledging that they are their child’s first educator.

At Arlesdene we ensure that our learning environments are secure, calm yet stimulating both indoors and outdoors with many opportunities for children to engage in activities that will enable them to develop curiosity and initiate their own ideas. Resources are easily accessible to encourage children to be independent in a safe and nurturing environment. This boosts children’s self-esteem, develops confidence and encourages perseverance and resilience knowing that can express themselves, take risks and challenges, secure in their knowledge that staff will care and support them so that they can take pride in their achievements.

Children develop and build relationships through the support and modelling of staff. They are respectful of one another, understand diversity and this is encouraged in the wider community.

At Arlesdene we ensure that children are eager and excited to learn and with all staff knowing and understanding children’s needs, interests and strengths we provide opportunities of awe and wonder through meaningful and enriching experiences. Children’s knowledge is built up over time and prior learning consolidated through staff knowledge and development of skills. Children will reach their own full potential, becoming confident learners ready for the next step in their educational journey, enhance their future success and develop a love of lifelong learning.

Above all at Arlesdene we want our children to be happy, feel safe, explore, learn and flourish and to be the best that they can be.