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Learning together series

Parents guide to The Core Book Approach

Watch our Nursery Core Stories and rhymes together, just following this link:

Watch Rainbow core stories and rhymes together, just follow this link:

Watch Preschool core stories and rhymes together, just follow this link:


Reading involves two skills, word recognition and comprehension. Children need to develop phonic skills to help them master word recognition, and that this starts in the early years with a focus on sounds.

Some simple activities parents can do with their children to encourage phonic awareness.

Copy the pattern   (Click on these and it takes you to an activity)

Silly food (coming soon) 

Voice sounds (coming soon) 

Learning together series 

Useful websites:

lovemybooks is a FREE resource helping parents and young children enjoy sharing books together. Includes carefully chosen books, resources and activities.

Hungry Little Minds delivers chat, play and read activities to support families in creating a good home learning environment for their children.

Tiny Happy People is here to help you develop your child’s communication skills. Explore our simple activities and play ideas and find out about their …