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Learning at Home

Helping your children to learn at home is important
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‘What parents do is more important than who parents are.’ (Sylva et al., 2004)

All parents can help their children’s learning if they regularly talk, listen and play with them. These are some of the play activities that seem to help them most:

  • reading and sharing books
  • going to the library
  • going on visits
  • playing with letters and numbers
  • singing songs and rhymes
  • drawing and painting
  • playing with friends

How does Arlesdene help parents to support their child’s learning?

We help and support learning at home through:

  • providing books and story bags for children to borrow
  • sharing information with parents about what children will be learning in Nursery or Pre-school and how they can help them at home
  • loaning resources such as games, puppets and mark making equipment
  • regular meetings with parents to discuss their child’s progress, their next steps in learning and how these can be supported at home
  • holiday challenges or ‘homework’
  • Suggesting ideas, tips and further information for learning at home on our website and Facebook page

Workshops to help learning at home

We also offer a number of workshops for parents that support learning at home. These can include working with your child and staff  in the Nursery room followed by time with the Headteacher and other parents to talk about how you can further help your child at home.

For guidance on your child’s learning and development in the early years foundation stage please visit the Foundation Years website website.

Please also look at our Forest School page under curriculum for more ideas and home learning links.