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Learning at Home

Helping your children to learn at home is important Scroll down for our remote Learning Offer, Guide and Zoom Timetable ‘What parents do is more important than who parents are.’ (Sylva et al., 2004) All parents can help their children’s learning if they regularly talk, listen and play with them. These are some of the …

Online Safety

The internet and related technologies, including mobile phones, games consoles and social networks are becoming increasingly important in the daily lives of our children and have many positive benefits. They can be used both educationally and socially and are becoming part of a child’s identity. Socially our children often use the internet for entertainment, interaction, …

What Parents Say

Pre-school ‘I think the best thing about Pre-school is that the staff are so close and caring with the children, it feels like a family, you can see and feel that it is genuine and all the staff are always smiling, happy and happy to help.’ ‘He has made tremendous progress and he looks forward …

MAD Awards

The Making a Difference Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of our staff, and celebrate how they are making a difference. Staff, external agencies or parents can make a nomination via email at: or by completing a slip (these can be found in the school office). Please send an email with details of who your …